Pressure Washing Greensboro NC

Quality Pressure Washing Services in Greensboro, NC

Make our team at H&N Cleaning Services your top choice when it comes to pressure washing Greensboro, NC, residents consistently choose us to help them maintain their homes and businesses because of our commitment to service excellence.

For Greensboro homeowners, pressure washing is essential for home maintenance. Our team refreshes the property’s appearance while rinsing off potentially toxic contaminants and mold. Business owners, too, rely on our services to sanitize their buildings and help them create the best first impression for customers and clients.
In Greensboro, NC, there’s only one name that your neighbors highly recommend: H&N Cleaning Services. Call us at 336-340-1433.
Pressure Washing Greensboro NC

Our services


Expand your home’s lifespan, reduce potential maintenance issues, and make your home more attractive by hiring us for:
pressure washing Winston Salem NC

House Washing

At H&N Cleaning Services, we treat your Winston-Salem, NC, home with respect and care. Our team specializes in removing accumulated impurities from your home’s exterior without damaging the surface.
pressure washing Winston Salem NC

Roof Cleaning

Your roof isn’t just for display. It protects your house from external elements, reduces the risk of structural damage, and adds a layer of security for you and your family.
pressure washing Winston Salem NC

Gutter Cleaning

When Winston-Salem residents need professional and affordable gutter cleaning, they can count on our team at H&N Cleaning Services.
pressure washing Winston Salem NC

Paver Sealing

When designing your new driveway, patio, or walkway in Winston-Salem, NC, you will have to make numerous decisions. Materials, patterns, and colors are the obvious ones.
pressure washing Winston Salem NC

Driveway Cleaning

Your driveway is one of your home’s most used areas. While concrete is a strong and durable material, the heavy workload and exposure to harsh conditions can still cause stains, cracks, and fading.
pressure washing Winston Salem NC

Fence Cleaning

Your fence does more than keep people out – it also adds to your home’s overall aesthetic. Having a fence full of mildew stains, dirt, and grime makes your property look neglected and unsightly.
pressure washing Winston Salem NC

Deck And Patio Cleaning

H&N Cleaning Services has the professionals and equipment needed to tackle any cleaning job, guaranteeing your complete satisfaction with the results.
pressure washing Winston Salem NC

Pool Deck Cleaning

Are you looking for a solution? Turn to the experts at H&N Cleaning Services for the best pool deck cleaning in Winston-Salem, NC.
pressure washing Winston Salem NC

Rust Removal

H&N Cleaning Services understands how valuable your home is and is committed to providing you with the rust removal services you need in Winston-Salem, NC, to safeguard your investment.


A business’s first impression may also be the last if the property looks unkempt or dirty. By paying attention to your storefront, building, parking areas, and any public spaces, your company can always project the most appealing image. 

Contact us for quotes on:

pressure washing Winston Salem NC

Building Washing

At H&N Cleaning Services, we provide exceptional building washing for commercial properties to ensure they look clean and presentable. Contact us today
pressure washing Winston Salem NC

Storefront Cleaning

A clean storefront boosts revenue and allows people to place more confidence in the brand and its goods or services.
pressure washing Winston Salem NC

Drive-Thru Cleaning

Drive-thru cleaning makes a significant difference to the image a Winston-Salem business wants to portray to its visitors, and it is no surprise that this is such a high-traffic area.
pressure washing Winston Salem NC

Parking Lot And Garage Cleaning

Commercial properties benefit greatly from affordable parking lot and garage cleaning services like those at H&N Cleaning Services in Winston-Salem, NC.
pressure washing Winston Salem NC

Apartment Complex Pressure Washing

Apartment building owners in Winston-Salem, NC, can now take full advantage of the affordable apartment complex pressure washing services from H&N Cleaning.
pressure washing Winston Salem NC

Graffiti Removal

At H&N Cleaning Services, we offer a thorough graffiti removal program that takes care of all types of graffiti stains, including water- and oil-based paints.
pressure washing Winston Salem NC

Dumpster Pad Cleaning

Is dumpster pad cleaning an essential service in Winston-Salem, NC? Yes, this overlooked area can make a huge difference to how customers and other visitors perceive a business, brand, or product if the details reveal a problem.
pressure washing Winston Salem NC

Gum Removal

Few things diminish a walkway’s appearance more than gum stains. Chewing gum forms unsightly black spots over time that can leave your business looking less than stellar to potential customers.
pressure washing Winston Salem NC

Awning Cleaning

Dust, grime, and other unsavory contaminants can take a toll on your awning. A dirty awning can severely diminish your business’s curbside appeal.
pressure washing Winston Salem NC

Gas Station Cleaning

Over long periods of time, gas stations are prone to all sorts of grime. Oil stains form, dirt takes hold of the gas pumps, and tire marks leave your parking area looking ragged and uninviting.
pressure washing Winston Salem NC

Post Construction Clean Up

Post-construction clean-up isn’t easy. It’s a strenuous task that can sometimes take hours to properly complete.

Why Choose Us at H&N Cleaning Services?

Since we are the premier pressure washing company in Greensboro, you can count on us. We’re always on hand to answer your questions, provide competitive quotes, and help you revitalize your property.

Are you a homeowner? Ask about our exterior washing services and keeping your gutters clear. We’ll save you the hassle of clambering up onto your roof to remove leaves and other debris.

If you’re a business owner, we know you have better tasks to assign employees than washing windows. With our affordable storefront and building cleaning plans, you need not think twice about hiring us.
Are you a property manager? We know how busy you are, and we can handle all your apartment complex’s exterior cleaning needs. Call us—and have one less project on your hands. You can rely on us.
We appreciate our clients’ trust in our team and our pressure washing services. To maintain this esteem, we will always deliver the best possible service. Our team will:
  • Respect you and your needs
  • Arrive on time
  • Keep our promises
  • Maintain a tidy working environment
  • Treat you fairly
  • Give open and honest advice
  • Save you time and money through affordable maintenance plans
In Greensboro, NC, we’ve found that local residents and business leaders place much emphasis on cleanliness and environmental impact. We applaud this community awareness.

At H&N Cleaning, we use eco-friendly cleaning solutions to avoid damaging the environment. Our cleaning agents are strong enough to get the job done but safe enough to soak away without harming your plants or emit dangerous fumes or runoff.
We provide our team with the finest, state-of-the-art tools and equipment so we can tackle every project with confidence that we are delivering our best. Our team also undergoes regular training sessions to maintain optimal efficiency. We realize the power of water pressure, so we exercise caution and precision.

About Greensboro, NC

Greensboro, NC, is a vibrant city with almost 300,000 residents. The town caters to varied interests and appreciates its rich and storied history. Learn more about that history at the International Civil Rights Museum or fast-forward to modern times at the Greensboro Science Center.
Take some time off and soak in some culture at the Greensboro Ballet or get your toe tapping at a recital of the Greensboro Symphony. The Weatherspoon Art Museum is a treat for the art lover to savor.

There is plenty on offer for visitors and residents alike who are tired of being cooped up indoors. The Greensboro Coliseum Complex provides a range of sporting events. In addition, the city boasts several pristine parks and natural areas in which to relax.

Get a Free Quote for Pressure Washing in Greensboro, NC, Today

Pressure washing removes the veil of built-up grime to reveal the clean surface beneath. Within minutes, your home or business can look brand new again. Aside from the aesthetic benefits, a professional clean also removes potential toxins like mold and mildew. Regular cleaning will keep your property in top shape and extend its lifespan
Are you ready to experience the benefits of pressure washing? In Greensboro, NC, residents or business owners can call 336-340-1433 or reach out to H&N Cleaning Services through our website for a free estimate.
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