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    We Service Winston-Salem and the Entire Piedmont Triad!

    At H&N Cleaning Services, we assist business owners and residential homeowners of the Winston Salem NC and Piedmont Triad area in keeping their properties clean and tidy. Our superior reputation is due to our exceptional customer service and 100% satisfaction guarantee.

    Our well-trained and experienced technicians combine state-of-the-art technology with the best chemicals. Our team assesses each situation and determines the best technique to apply to any specific building surface.

    Our equipment and pressure washers can output several levels of pressure. The correct use of pressure is critical. We carefully determine the appropriate pressure level and water temperature to use with each particular exterior material.

    Our team works quickly and efficiently to provide the most thorough exterior cleaning possible. We use high-quality cleaners to ensure that we remove every speck of dirt without causing damage.

    Are you in Winston Salem or the surrounding area? Would you like to see what our team at H&N can do for you? Call us at 336-340-1433 or reach out through our website for your free quote. 

    Our Main Services

    House Washing

    Keeping your home’s exterior clean is the first step towards improving its curb appeal. Our expert team will combine state-of-the-art technology and eco-friendly chemicals to make your home shine

    Building Washing

    Commercial buildings must look neat and safe to entice clients through their doors. At H&N Cleaning Services, our exterior cleaning dislodges harmful contaminants and organic growth as we wash away dirt.

    Driveway & Concrete Cleaning

    A dirty driveway is more than just an eyesore. It can become a slip-and-fall hazard if it has algae residue. Contact us to bring your driveway back to a fresh, new look.

    Deck and Patio Cleaning

    Your deck and patio will age quickly without some TLC. In just a few years, contaminants can stain pavers, and organisms like algae begin to degrade the wood. Employing our services annually will keep the rot at bay and rejuvenate the surface.

    Fence Cleaning

    Your fence conveys your image to the outside world—and also helps you maintain a good relationship with your neighbors. Keep it pristine and extend its lifespan by hiring our team.

    Gutter Cleaning

    Clearing out your gutters is a tedious and sometimes hazardous task. However, it’s essential to prevent water damage, clogs, and mildew growth. Call our team to keep your gutters in good condition the easy way.

    Roof Cleaning

    Your roof is an area that you seldom think about. As long as it works as it should, it’s “out of sight, out of mind.” However, our roof cleaning services can extend your roof’s lifespan by washing away biological agents and making it look as good as new.

    Apartment Complex

    Savvy apartment managers understand that regular, timely maintenance reduces the need for expensive repairs down the line. We provide managers with affordable maintenance plans to keep their complexes in top shape

    Residential Pressure Washing Services

    Pressure Washing Winston Salem NC
    Pressure Washing Winston Salem NC

    Keeping your home and its exterior surfaces clean makes you proud of your property. However, beyond aesthetics, you’ll also want to stay on top of maintenance for various reasons. For example, perhaps you plan to sell your house soon. 

    A property with a clean exterior will attract potential buyers faster than another with a neglected roof, patio, or paver surface. Regular pressure washing will keep your property looking clean and help various surfaces last longer.

    The local professionals at H&N Cleaning offer many services to Winston-Salem’s residential community, such as:  

    Do you want your property to look as good as new again? Our solid reputation means you can count on us for amazing results when you schedule your residential pressure washing service with us!

    Commercial Pressure Washing Services

    Do your commercial property’s exterior surfaces handle a high volume of foot and vehicle traffic every day? These spaces certainly accumulate dirt and grime faster than Winston-Salem’s average residential property. Unfortunately, dirty surfaces will easily make your commercial property a hotspot for slip-and-fall accidents, mold infestation, and countless other hazards.  

    Fortunately, H&N Cleaning carries the high-tech equipment and pressure-washing experience needed to keep your commercial space looking its best. Why not give potential and existing clients a good first impression with our unmatched pressure washing services? We’ll keep your concrete surfaces clean and safe with the following services:  

    So, contact us for commercial power washing in Winston-Salem and surrounding areas!

    Benefits of Pressure Washing

    If you thought hiring H&N Cleaning Services for professional pressure washing is a waste of time and money, these benefits of pressure washing will certainly change your mind:

    Improved curb appeal and home value preservation; you’ll have an easy time when it comes to selling your property

    Mold and mildew removal, which helps increase the longevity of your building materials

    Stain elimination and surface rejuvenation

    Improved safety by removing slippery algae, grease, and other contaminants that cause slip-and-fall accidents on your property

    Why Choose Us?

    pressure washing Winston Salem NC


    At H&N Cleaning Services, we take pride in adhering to only the most professional standards. Fully licensed and bonded, we make it our aim to exceed your expectations. In addition, our team undergoes regular training sessions to help us learn new techniques and keep our knowledge up to date.
    pressure washing Winston Salem NC

    Our Professional-Grade Equipment

    As part of our commitment to service excellence, we ensure that we invest in the most industry-leading equipment. We test each piece of gear thoroughly before using it in our daily work. We ensure that each technician can wield it effectively and safely. Our initial caution allows us to be confident that we can handle any type of job.
    pressure washing Winston Salem NC

    Our Environmentally Friendly Approach

    At H&N Cleaning Services, we are highly conscious of the potential impact of our actions on the planet. For this reason, we opt for environmentally friendly products in everything that we do.

    Customer Reviews

    H&N did a wonderful job on my house and gutters. They were very professional and took care of all my requests. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for an exterior cleaning service. We will definitely use them again.
    Ron Hamilton
    Ron Hamilton
    Fast service and a job well done!
    Erica Ratliff
    Erica Ratliff
    H&N Cleaning Services did an excellent job power washing my home, driveway, and sidewalks. They were on time, professional, and detail oriented. Ken Nash and his team do excellent work. I will definitely use him again!!!
    Sharon Luther
    Sharon Luther
    If you want the best, Honest and Friendly company to do your siding, slab and driveway, H & N Cleaning Services is tops. Mr. Nash and his team will do a phenomenal job on your home. I have used this company for the second time and will continue to do so. Just take a look at all the reviews. Extremely rare for 5 star reviews on over 200 posts. Thank you H & N for top notch service. Looking forward to the next time services are needed.
    Ira F
    Ira F
    Kenneth and his crew transformed the look of our house with their services. Extremely responsive and professional. Will continue to use them for all our needs.
    C K
    C K
    My Mother in Love Mrs.Edna C Smith loved the professional work and Respect they showed her they did a wonderful job she highly recommend that you give them a call…
    I couldn’t believe it when they said this would help me out and clean my house and driveway within a week for a party. They arrived on time, took special care of my home, recognized the type and age of my siding, and helped accommodate the many people I had coming in and out during the process. My house and driveway look new. They were fast and efficient. I’m a stickler for good service and they over delivered! Hire them.
    Lisa Moore
    Lisa Moore
    My husband and I hired H and N to power wash our home, garage, patio, etc. The owner Mr Nash and his team were very pleasant, prompt and were attentive to what we were requesting for our home. While discussing the services needed over the phone, I informed the owner that my husband and I just relocated from NY and were in need of his companies services. I was really impressed with the fact that the owner accompanied his staff to my home and introduced himself and his staff personally to my husband and myself and ensured the services provided would be to my liking. I not only loved the job they did but I can’t stop looking at my front porch my patio my driveway my house OMG my house is so clean. Mr Nash , his crew Jason, Thayer and the youngest male that accompanied him were amazing and oh yeah a big shout out to his friend Brian the man that kept my husband and I occupied while they worked because, he knew being from NY I was skeptical 🤨 of any and everything. If you want any type of power washing done to your home I fully recommend H and N they do amazing work. I am truly 100% satisfied. Their prices are truly affordable I would not go anywhere else. Remember you get what you pay for and in this case I think I got more than what I paid for . My home looks beautiful just check out the photos.Thank you H and NLisa and Timothy 😍🥰
    Lisa Anderson
    Lisa Anderson
    They did an excellent job on my house. I was very impressed. Will definitely have them back again. (DS) They were professional and work was of great quality!!
    Responsive, courteous and professional. Did a great job on my driveway.
    Douglas Neve
    Douglas Neve
    They did an amazing job on our gutters – really thorough, polite, and fast with quote and booking!
    Kris Julio
    Kris Julio
    Excellent work! Guys really took pride in doing a great job. Very professional ! Would definitely use again in the future and recommend!!
    Kenneth and his team always do a great job for me!
    The guys done a Great Job!!!! Quality work and scheduling was quick and easy!!! Thanks
    They were very quick to get out and do the job. They did great and took pictures of the finished work. They were professional throughout the process and the prices are great.
    House looks brand new again! Highly recommend!
    Tonya Folkerts
    Tonya Folkerts
    Amazing guys and Crew. Called they called back came on time and no issues!! Crew was amazing
    Rex Folkerts
    Rex Folkerts
    Got service last week . Did an awesome cleaning the drive way. Almost brand new driveway Very happy with the service.
    Kishore Peruri
    Kishore Peruri
    Our trucks look better than they have in a long time. There was no mess left and very professional job. Thank you so much . Will be recommending you to other people.
    Justin Brown
    Justin Brown
    My house was oxidized, and this company worked so hard to get it off!!! They did a great job!! They were super nice and professional, they moved everything on my porch and then put it back!! I would recommend this company, you will be pleased!!
    Wanda 1988
    Wanda 1988
    K&N turned out to be a true blessing made the house look brand new would definitely use them again and have referred them to a few friends and family.they even did my car port and the front and back deck everything looks new once again thanks guys.
    Robert Nash
    Robert Nash
    H&N did a fabulous job on my home. They were professional on time and took care of all my requests. They were knowledgeable about all proper chemicals to use and left my house, walkways and fence spotless. 10/10 I definitely recommend! Thank you for doing an excellent job!
    Tamica Smith
    Tamica Smith
    Customer service is outstanding, honesty and commitment are remarkable!
    Paula Bassi
    Paula Bassi
    Awesome, Awesome, Awesome Service! They will be called everytime I need this service!! Thank you so much for a job well done!!
    Ronald Wilds
    Ronald Wilds
    Wonderful experience. They were able to do my patio in a very timely manner and did an excellent job. Years of moss and stains removed and it looks brand new. Very professional. Trust them completely and absolutely would recommend them.
    Melanie Adams
    Melanie Adams

    5-Star Power Washing Services In Winston-Salem NC

    pressure washing Winston Salem NC
    pressure washing Winston Salem NC

    What will make H&N Cleaning Services your top choice? Perhaps you’ll find yourself among the many clients who shower our company with 5-star reviews. Maybe you’ll be impressed by our integrity and what we’ve learned in our decades gaining experience in the pressure washing industry.

    Perhaps it will the dedicated technicians who are always eager to learn. Our team devotes itself to learning every exterior washing technique on the market and knows the alternatives when these aren’t appropriate. We view each project on its own terms and never apply generic solutions.

    Why not check out some of the reviews that our loyal clients have left, to see for yourself? You’ll find an overwhelming number of clients commending us for our exemplary service and superior results. Other clients appreciate us because we customize our approach to their needs.

    However, all of our clients agree that we’ve made it into their speed dial list. So the next time that they require any sort of exterior cleaning service, they’ll call H&N Cleaning Services first.

    You can count on our company to exhibit honest pricing, fair treatment, and professional behavior in all our dealings with you. We are proud to develop long-term relationships with our clients, and we hope to get to know you and your home or business, too.

    Piedmont Triad Residents LOVE Our Results!

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    Before After
    Before After
    Before After

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The average cost to pressure wash a home in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, is slightly higher than the national average, though well within the expected range. What you’ll pay will depend on the square footage. It also matters which company you hire, so be sure to compare quotes beforehand for a more accurate overview of expected costs.

    Power washing typically uses heated water and may cost a little more. A soft wash for delicate surfaces will also add expenses for cleaning solutions compared to straightforward pressure washing in Winston-Salem, NC.

    Soft washing is a cleaning technique that uses eco-friendly cleaning solutions and water at low pressure (like that of a garden hose). It is the best way to clean exterior surfaces that can’t handle the high pressure of typical pressure washers.

    This cleaning solution loosens accumulated dirt and effectively kills harmful microorganisms like mold and bacteria. Surfaces well-suited for soft washing rather than pressure washing include roofs, fences, windows, house siding, wood, and similar exterior surfaces. 

    Besides a lower risk of damage, soft washing works effectively in even hard-to-reach areas and boasts a longer-lasting clean.  

    Most companies define power washing as using heated water under high pressure to remove dirt, debris, and other accumulated grime from exterior surfaces. It applies to driveways, parking lots, and sidewalks since the high pressure and heat effectively remove stubborn stains.  

    Soft washing, on the other hand, turns to water at low pressure and biodegradable cleaning solutions to effectively clean delicate surfaces without causing damage. The cleaning solution lifts all the dirt and grime and kills harmful mold, bacteria, and fungi so that the water can rinse everything away.  

    Generally, experts advise pressure washing in Winston-Salem, NC, at least once a year. An annual pressure washing keeps accumulated dirt and debris at bay to prevent damage to concrete surfaces and more.

    However, several other factors determine how frequently you will need pressure washing services. If you live near an industrial area or in a humid location, your property will need more frequent pressure washing. The same applies to an area with lots of trees or dust.

    A local pressure washing company like H&N Cleaning can advise you accordingly.  

    Finding a reputable pressure washing company shouldn’t be a hassle, provided you spare some time to look into your options. Ask your friends and family members for referrals, or search the Better Business Bureau and online review sites for reputable pressure-washing companies in your area.

    A local realtor may also have a list of dependable pressure-washing companies on hand. Once you shortlist a few potential contractors, contact them to arrange a detailed on-site estimate. Also, ensure your preferred company has the requisite licenses and insurance coverage before hiring them.

    Most experts recommend scheduling pressure washing in spring or fall. Temperature extremes make pressure washing more difficult. For example, too much heat will evaporate the water before it cleans the surface, while frigid temperatures might freeze the water during the cleaning process.  

    A spring power wash eradicates the dirt and grime that has accumulated over the winter. Power washing in the fall takes care of leaves and other debris before winter so that it doesn’t create a conducive environment for mold growth or settle in.

    Pressure washing’s impressive cleaning abilities make it a popular option for removing dirt and grime from residential and commercial properties throughout Winston-Salem. Professionals like H&N Cleaning can use a pressure washer to clean just about anything, but what are the most common issues we see in Winston-Salem and across North Carolina? The top five issues include:

    • Mud  
    • Oil  
    • Mold  
    • Rust  
    • Paint  

    Pressure washing also effectively removes old or peeling paint to prepare the surface before a repaint.

    Pressure washing services boast versatile applications, though not all exterior surfaces or materials can handle the intensity of regular pressure washing. For example, pressure washing your vinyl siding will easily damage it, remove paint, and rob your property of its aesthetic appeal. Instead, delicate surfaces require a gentler soft-washing technique. 

    Surfaces that take well to high water pressure include the following:

    • Driveways and sidewalks  
    • Stone or concrete decks and patios  
    • Plastic, metal, or some furniture  
    • Concrete paver tiles
    • Concrete pool decks

    Why not contact H&N Cleaning about pressure washing in Winston-Salem, NC?

    Yes, H&N Cleaning is a licensed and insured company serving Winston-Salem, North Carolina. It is always wise to confirm a company’s credentials before signing a contract. Pressure washing, done poorly, may damage surfaces and should never be used on roofing, wood, or windows.

    Hiring a fully licensed and insured company lowers the risk of property damage. It also protects the property owner from liability should injury or damage occur on the job site. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a qualified contractor, and you’ll never have mediocre results or property damage.

    Property maintenance doesn’t end with a semi-annual soft wash or power wash; you would do well to invest in regular maintenance to ensure your property stays clean for longer. 

    The following tips will keep your property in top shape after soft washing or power washing:  

    • Clean gutters and window wells regularly  
    • Sort out slow or clogged drains to circumvent damage  
    • Stick to a regular cleaning schedule  
    • Trim back dense vegetation  
    • Touch up exterior paint  
    • Check for signs of pests  
    • Keep an eye out for standing water  
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