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Our Pool Deck Cleaning Process

Knowing how to clean your pool deck without causing any damage to your property can be challenging. However, at H&N Cleaning Services, we have a high level of expertise and use the best equipment, enabling us to offer effective cleaning techniques.

Thanks to our services, you can restore your pool deck’s exterior, freeing it from the dirt and grime that often accumulates. The following are the steps we take during pool deck cleaning:
  • We will saturate all the adjacent areas with warm water to prepare them for the detergents
  • Using our supreme cleaning agents, we will pre-treat any stained area
  • We will then apply cleaners on the remaining surfaces that they will clean
  • Utilizing flat surface power washers, we will thoroughly clean all surfaces, making sure we do so without damaging them
  • We will then rinse the area with fresh water to remove any remaining dirt and debris

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The Importance of Pool Deck Cleaning

Are you wondering whether opting for a professional pool deck cleaning worth it? The professionals think it is not only worth it but also necessary. Here’s why.

Every pool deck has areas that collect or puddle excess pool water. When that water is left to sit, bacteria can grow. When left unattended, the bacteria can create health hazards, potentially causing diseases.

While sweeping these puddles can temporarily slow the bacteria’s growth, the best way to protect your family is to opt for professional pressure cleaning.

Though pool decks are often wet, water might not be the only cause of the slick surface. Mildew and algae can grow in the standing water and significantly increase the area’s slipperiness.

Let H&N Cleaning Services provide you with routine cleaning to eliminate algae and other debris and help you prevent slip and fall accidents.

If left unattended for long periods, elements like bacteria and mildew can eat away at your pool deck. When the surface begins to degrade, your only choice would be to replace it.

However, power washing can prevent this by removing all damaging contaminants from the deck. Let us help you extend your deck’s lifespan by preventing erosion.

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