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Common Issues with Concrete and Pavers in Winston-Salem, NC

Concrete surfaces and pavers will experience wear and tear, moss growth, and water stains like any other outdoor fixture. However, you can avoid these issues and protect your investment through regular paver surface cleaning.

Otherwise, you will likely notice common concrete paver issues, such as:

Concrete is porous, meaning it absorbs grease, dust, and liquids. Unfortunately, this also means the surface is prone to discoloration and staining.

If you don’t want an unsightly concrete paver to decrease your curb appeal, consider professional sealing services to minimize water absorption and blemishes.
As mentioned above, concrete’s porous surface can absorb water. Where water builds up, mildew and algae follow. If you notice green discoloration on your pavers, it isn’t random. Instead, it means algae is present and will continue to spread if left untreated.
Throughout the year, water freezes and expands, causing the concrete to deteriorate. However, freezing temperatures aren’t the only factors that can damage your concrete. Fortunately, paver sealing can protect your paver surfaces and reduce the risk of concrete deterioration.

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Why Should You Clean and Seal Your Pavers?

When left unsealed, high traffic, grease, oil, and stains from water-based liquids can stain your pavers. Further, removing the stains from your unsealed surfaces isn’t easy.

Paver sealing enables you to avoid these common frustrations, prolong the lifespan of your pavers, and increase your curb appeal. Other benefits of cleaning and sealing pavers include:
  • Excellent protection against harmful UV rays and other natural elements
  • Protection against rust, oil, and stains
  • Reduced risk of insect infestation and weed growth
  • Improved appearance and increased property value
  • Better structural integrity

Professional Paver Sealing in Winston-Salem, NC

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