House Washing Winston Salem NC

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House Washing Winston Salem NC
House Washing Winston Salem NC
House Washing Winston Salem NC

Our Process

At H&N Cleaning Services, we treat your Winston-Salem, NC, home with respect and care. Our team specializes in removing accumulated impurities from your home’s exterior without damaging the surface. If this seems like a simple task, think again.

Many companies use high-pressure systems that can damage your home. Instead, we turn to a combination of low-pressure techniques and eco-friendly, safe cleaning solutions to remove contaminants that grow on your home, windows, roof, and gutters.

We use a simple four-step process to do so, as follows.

Our crew will inspect your property and look for anything that could impact the cleaning process, such as decorations or furniture.
We then start a pre-soak before applying eco-friendly detergents using our soft-wash method. We clean slowly and efficiently, making sure each side of your house gets adequate attention.
Next, our team will rinse the cleaning agents using our low-pressure method. If necessary, we will repeat the process several times to ensure that we’ve removed all the cleaning products.
Before we leave your Winston-Salem property, we conduct a final review of your exterior to ensure your house looks clean and shiny. Customer satisfaction is our priority, and our expert team will go above and beyond to meet your expectations.

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The Benefits of House Washing in Winston-Salem NC

House washing comes with numerous benefits for homeowners in Winston-Salem NC, as follows.
1. It Prevents Damage
During the winter months, moisture can create stains and blemishes on your home’s exterior. If you allow the dirt and grime to stay on the surface , it can result in permanent damage.
Our soft-pressure house washing services from H&N Cleaning Services will remove stubborn stains before they cause lasting harm. We’ll even clean your rooftop and gutters to ensure a sparkling exterior all year long.
2. It Protects Your Health
Dust and mildew can pose a health risk to you and your family. If you allow mildew, grime, and dust to accumulate around the exterior surfaces, it could lead to allergies and skin irritation.
When you work with our team at H&N Cleaning Services, you can trust that we’ll remove any particles that could cause respiratory problems. Depending on your needs, we may suggest more frequent window cleaning to prevent dirt from accumulating around the frames and entering your home.
3. It Restores Your Curb Appeal
House washing in Winston-Salem, NC, is a restorative process. In just a few hours, your home will get a makeover that won’t cost a fortune, unlike renovations. Through soft washing, you will remove unsightly stains and refresh your property’s look in less than one day.
4. It Increases Property Value
Whether you want to sell your home now or in the future, house washing helps maintain your property value and turn back the clock on your home’s exterior.
You know how your façade can discolor, degrade, or oxidize over time. When you choose house washing services from H&N Cleaning Services, you can recapture the bright look of fresh paint while reducing chipping or peeling. As a result, your home will attract more attention and sell more easily.
House Washing Winston Salem NC
House Washing Winston Salem NC

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House Washing Winston Salem NC
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