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Roof Cleaning Winston Salem NC

Signs Your Roof Needs to Be Cleaned

Often, Winston-Salem, NC, homeowners don’t know when to call the experts to clean their roofs. Fortunately, you can watch for signs that your roof needs a thorough soft wash, such as:
Moss infestation is a common problem in Winston-Salem, NC. Due to the cool summer weather and heavy rainfall, Winston-Salem is the perfect environment for moss to grow. Over time, moss may expand deeper into your shingles, increasing the wear and tear on your roof.

No matter if you have asphalt or metal roofing, it’s essential to clean your shingles regularly to prevent moss build-up and damage.

Black streaks often suggest you have dirt, grime,  or algae growth. Over time, the grime can deteriorate your shingles, leading to structural damage. If you notice black streaks, you should call professional roof cleaners immediately to prevent any damage from occurring.

Although leaves may seem harmless, they can build up on your roof, causing water to accumulate and blocking your gutters. When your gutters are full of leaves, debris, water can leak out and cause rot or damage to your siding and foundation.

A quick soft wash by H&N Cleaning Services every spring or fall can prevent expensive damage from occurring while keeping your roof and gutters in working order.

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Benefits of Roof Cleaning in Winston-Salem, NC

With regular roof cleaning, you can restore your roof’s look and increase your overall curb appeal. Further, you’ll save money through regular cleaning and avoid a costly roof replacement for your home.

Those aren’t the only reasons homeowners need to consider cleaning their roofs though. Other benefits include:

Keeping your roof clean is an essential element of house maintenance. By keeping moss, algae, and leaves at bay, you will ensure that your roof is in excellent condition and able to withstand the elements.

A clean roof means less stress, fewer headaches, and minimal repair costs. When you keep your roof dirt-free, you also prevent numerous issues that could impact the structure’s lifespan. In addition, hiring a professional cleaning company is cheaper than repairing shingles or replacing an entire roof.

Most shingles come with a warranty, which applies as long as you maintain your roof. By cleaning your roof regularly, you’ll give it the attention it deserves while taking the necessary measures to protect your shingles.

For example, consider a storm or heavy wind. If you notice damage to your shingles after the weather passes, you will likely call your insurance company to replace them. However, if the inspector sees dark lines or built-up leaves on your roof, they may not approve your warranty. On the other hand, a clean roof keeps your warranty intact.

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